I performed DMPJVM on a WAS 6.0 server on iSeries system V5R4, and exported the QDMPJVM spoolfile via iSeries Navigator to a txt file on my pc.
Then used java -classpath svcdump.jar com.ibm.jvm.findroots.Convert [filename].
I get the error Unknown data format:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unknown data format: [filename]
at com.ibm.jvm.findroots.Convert.serror(Convert.java: 284)
at com.ibm.jvm.findroots.Convert.(Convert.java:207)
at com.ibm.jvm.findroots.Convert.main(Convert.java:10 1)

Does anybody know how you can convert the spoolfile to something you can use with tools like HeapAnalyzer, HeapRoots and ThreadAndDumpAnalyzerForjava?