I'm new to administering WebSphere. But I have a service that
doesn't want to start. The service is " IBM WebSphere Application
Server V6 - lbidevNode01" . The error I'm getting is: "Windows could
not start the IBM WebSPhere Application Server V6 - lbidevNode01 on
Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log.
If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and
refer to service-specific error code 134217996."

In the system event log, I'm only seeing the following: "The WebSphere
IBM Application Server V6 - lbidevNode01 service terminated with
servcie-specific error 134217996 (0x800010C)"

Basically the same error message.

I tried stopping the other two IBM WebSphere services and restarting,
but this service still won't start (the other two did though).

Any help on why this service won't start is appreciated.