Hi pals,

I'm facing a character encoding problem when referencing external javascript files in JSP's with the <%@include file="scripts/sampleJS.js"%> directive.

I'm using the following runtime environment

  • IBM Websphere Application Server v BASE Build Level
    cf170648.10 Build Date 11/29/06.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Version 5.2 (Build
    3790.srv03_sp1_gdr.070304-2232 : Service Pack 1)

  • Regional Settings used when installing WAS and deploying the sample
    application are

    • Regional Options Turkish

    • Location Turkey

    • Language for non-Unicode ProgramsTurkish

The sample application includes two form buttons

"Onclick JS" which invokes an js alert function with onclick
"Onclick Ext. JS" which invokes a js function displayAlert() defined in
scripts/sampleJS.js an is included in the BODY tag
with include directive.

!!!The WAS v6.0.2.17 Application Server cannot convert Turkish characters to their supposed Unicode representations when referencing external JS files imported with the <%@include directive.

You can note that if you analyze the _index.java source while with is the decompiled version of the class file WAS server creates during JSP compilation.

I have submitted the same problem as a PMR to IBM support yet I thought maybe someone has figured out a practical solution already.

I'd be glad if you can figure out a solution to this if you encounter the same problem in turkish or other language character set.