I am very new to websphere and facing the difficuly of how to do http basic authentication in my Web Service which is built on Axis.

I did the following:

Client code: Test class:--------

binding = (com.ibm.wcc.HelloSoapBindingStub)
new com.ibm.wcc.HelloServiceLocator().getHello();

Server Side ---------
In the Websphere console I went to

Applications --> Enterprise Application --> Click on application of interest link --> Web Modules --> MyApp.war (testing.war) link --> Web Services: Client Security Bindings --> Click on the 'Edit' button tied to HTTP Basic Authentication column (Fyi: the 'Component' column has no value) --> Provided Basic Authentication ID and Basic Authentication password values as 'user' and 'password' and click on Apply.

And Now made an attempt to run the test class. Irrespective of what values I provided as username and password in the client code, I am able to interact with the webservice server and get the values I want. This functionality is wrong as it is supposed to throw an exception when the username and password provided on the client side do not match with the ones provided on the server side in WebSphere for this app.

Please let me know if I am missing a step or doing anything wrong.

Thank you very much.