I'm trying to build a prototype to demonstrate SSO (using SPNEGO). I've installed WAS6.1 and have configured WAS TAI and browser as per the IBM redbook (Section 13.2.1 Lab Scenario). I've used custom registry (again, using the example in the redbook) as my user registry.

As this is a prototype, I'm using the WAS sample application (PlantsByWebsphere) to test my configuration. However, whenever I attempt to access the secured PlantsByWesbphere page, I get prompted for username and password. I can't seem to get the browser to generate a SPNEGO token.

I've tried debugging using:
> setspn -l ws052040
> kinit -k [got the SPN from the setspn -l command]

But I get the following result for kinit command: 'com.ibm.security.krb5.KrbException, status code: 6 message: Client not found in Kerberos database'

Had a look at http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview...id=swg21218822 to figure out what went wrong, it says I might be using the wrong kinit. But I'm using the command from the WAS Appserver folder?

Any idea what's wrong or how do I go about debugging and finding out what went wrong?