Hi i have to following problem:

I'm running a 3.1.2 Eclipse in a VM on a WinXP environment and i'm trying to open two secure [JAAS] connections to two separate Websphere AppServers [same time]. The first connection can be made without a problem, but the second connection still tries to connect to the first AppServer.
It tries to logon with the credentials though for the second server and off course cannot login.
I'm already using the WSAppContextCallback handler where I'm setting the initial context as a parameter, but i'm still getting a LoginException during the second login attempt. BTW. This all happens in a new Thread so i guess Threalocal shouldn't be a problem in the VMs-ContextManager.
For me this looks like the local VM somewhere stores the connection-settings to the "first" AppServer and doesn't consider the new environment settings for what reason ever. I don't know is this a limitation of the IBM-VM and if it is can someone at least tell me a possiblity to reset this "local connection cache", because currently the only way to connect to another appserver is by restarting the application [even if i have logged-off from the first one] and that is very boring ;->.