Installing WAS on AIX 5.3 with latest available TL. Install process ends OK and creates the first appl server1 object. Now my customer wants to create another 2 servers objects in the same WAS server. I remember that WAS 5.x allow this task from the Web Admin Console, now this new version does not hace this option.

Reading some docs i have found that there's a Profile Management Tool i can use and that should be exec from the firststeps utility, but i cannot manage to exec it cause there's no pmt.sh script in the installation.

I could use the wsadmin.sh script in order to create the appl server but it have prove to be very difficult. I'm trying to use the $AdminTask exportServer in order to create a template for newest Appl Servers:

wsadmin>$AdminTask exportServer -archive /tmp/exportwas.out -serverName server1
WASX7015E: Exception running command: "$AdminTask exportServer -archveive /tmp/exportwas.out -serverName server1"; exception information:
com.ibm.bsf.BSFException: error while eval'ing Jacl expression:
can't find accessible method "exportServer" with 4 argument(s) for class "$Proxy1"
while executing
"$AdminTask exportServer -archveive /tmp/exportwas.out -serverName server1"

as you can see looks like wsadmin.sh does not know the exportServer method.

Any help please