Karin wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm using WAS 6.1 SP 5 and I have this strange error. When I enter the application url and I'm not authenticated (I'm in the wrong domain) I expect to get the login page as configured in the web.xml. Instead I get a redirect to the login error page. If the SPNEGO stuff does not work you get the ntml error page.. but this is the standard form error page.
> The environment is configured with SPNEGO TAI. But the URL I'm accessing is not configured in the
> request-url^ in the custom properties.
> This is my mappings for spnego -> =jum/sso|ada/secservlet|mmp/servlet/FrameSet/spnego|mmp/sso
> So when I'm accessing my application with http://server/mmp/ i would expect to see the login-page. BUT websphere redirects me with a HTTP 302 redirect to the login-error-page from the web.xml.
> The WAS Admin console behaves in a similar way. When I access it I end up at: with the message:
> Login failed. Check the user ID and password and try again.
> But I haven't entered any user or passwords??
> So whats up? Configuration error or bug?
> I have configured this before... but now on this version it does not work.
> Regards
> Karin

My Spnego expert says:

"I can only recommend setting the SPNEGO trace, and perhaps the WAS
Security traces if the SPNEGO trace request does not end up showing
anything. "

I would try that, and if you don't find anything useful then open a PMR.