I've recently migrated for Was 5.1 to Was
In websphere 5.1 I could start the application without any problems.

But in Was 6, while starting the application i get alot of Mapping clash exceptions. for example:

[22/03/07 14:51:13:625 CET] 00000015 WebApp E Error while adding servlet mapping.
java.lang.Exception: Mapping clash for ServletWrapper[ServerConfig:[ServerConfig:/servlet/basecamp.servlet.admin.Admin]]: Target ServletWrapper[ApplyLocalPropChanges:[ApplyLocalPropChanges:/servlet/basecamp.servlet.admin.Admin]] already exists at node servlet

Now in the web.xml file there are several servlets with different names, mapped to the same servlet. Is this not allowed in websphere (I didn't develop the app, I'm just migrating it to Was

for example:



Any help is welcome.

regards Erik