It's now possible to run WSAdmin with the Eclipse IDE as an external

Installation Instructions.

A. Install Eclipse.

Download Eclipse from and install to a local

B. Install Eclipse Tcl Plugin.

Download the Eclipse Tcl plugin from
install into Eclipse. Simply follow the standard plugin installation
procedure and copy the eclipse directory in the zip file over the
eclipse install directory.

C. Configure the WSAdmin shell as an external tool.

This assumes you have a local WAS installation on your machine that
provides the wsadmin.bat file.

#### optional #####

You can update the WAS JACL libraries with the latest version of
JACL(1.4) to take advantage of some of the new JACL commands.

Download the JACL 1.4.0 binary from

Expand the binary and copy the jacl.jar and tcljava.jar to the lib
directory of your desktop WAS installation.

e.g copy C:\jaclBinary140\jacl140\lib\tcljava1.4.0\jacl.jar to C:
e.g copy C:\jaclBinary140\jacl140\lib\tcljava1.4.0\tcljava. jar to C:

If the Wsadmin scripts are run locally on the WAS server then you must
update the local installation library as well.

#### optional #####

Create a new external tool: Select run --> external tools --> external

Double click on program.

Set the following parameters.

name: WSAdminShell_yourServer
location: WSAdmin installation directory E.G. C:\IBM
\WebSphere\AppServer1\profiles\AppSrv01\bin\wsadmi n.bat
working directory: Set variable ${workspace_loc} - This resolves
to the folder location of the top level folder in Eclipse.
arguments: -lang jacl -host yourhost -port 8879 -f $
{resource_loc} ${resource_name}

Close the dialog.

If security is enabled then you must either supply a userid and
password as
arguments or modify the local soap.client.props file with the userid
password. You will also need to retrieve the client certs from the
server using the retrieveSigners.bat utility.

D. Create a Tcl project.

Start Eclipse and create a Tcl Project: File --> new --> other --> Tcl

Create a Tcl file called quickTest.tcl in the project: File --> new --

other --> DLTK Tcl --> Tcl File

Add the following commands to quickTest.tcl then save.

clock format [ clock seconds ]
package require java
puts "current directory is [ java::call System getProperty user.dir ]"
puts "My IP Address is: [ [ java::call InetAddress getLocalHost ]
getHostAddress ] "

E. Select and run quickTest.tcl.

Click once on quickTest.tcl to highlight.

>From the top menu select run --> external tools --> WSAdminShell_yourServer. Do NOT right click --> runas.

The following is written to the Eclipse console.

current directory is C:\EclipseWorkSpaces\yourDirectory
My IP Address is:

F. Import your JACL scripts into the workspace and test using