We have a WAR(no EJBs) deployed on a WebSphere Express 6.0 on a
Win2003 platform. We have a new upgrade to our software out, so we
tried taking advantage of the dynamic reloading option and just copy/
pasted all the JSPs and classes in to their respective folders
(overwriting the previous versions). Just to be safe, I also stopped
and started the WebSphere Service.

The issue is that the new code does not get picked up despite stopping
and starting the WebSphere service. We have Dynamic Reloading Enabled
(=true). Reload interval is set to 14400 secs. Is this interval too
long? Should it not pick up the new code once the service is

We also tried deleting all the old JSPs and classes and copying just
the new ones. Then restarted the service...it still picks up the older
versions of code..........from a cache somewhere perhaps??

Any suggestions?