I've several Event Generator. I'm interested in the JMS Event Generator behavior.
The Event Generator is asociating one channel with one queue. The queue is in the local server and there is no problem with this point.
The channel is a JMSEventGenerator qualifiedMetadataType. And a qualifiedMessageType that is of my own.

Case A. When i publish a correct message to the queue it works fine.
Case B. When i publish a message of the qualifiedMessageType, but the message is incorrect (wrong types, or nodes not closed ... ) i can catch the error that goes through the error queue.
Case C. But when i publish a message from another type of qualifiedMessageType i don't know how can i catch the error. The error doesn't go through the error queue. I'm with Hermes to look for the possible response but i don't know how can i treat this case. But instead of this i see this error in the output:
<19-oct-2009 08H54' CEST> <000000>

I'm looking for info in bea sites but i can't find any specific info.

Thanks in advance.