I have a JMS client which subscribes to a topic. This client is
running on host "A" where firewall is enabled. The weblogic 9.2
server is running on a different host "B". On the weblogic server
(JNDI) is listening for requests on port 7003. When the JMS client
running on host A performs JNDI lookup on weblogic server a random
port is opened on host A for communication. A socket connection is
established between a random port (4576) on A to 7003 on weblogic

On successful subscription to a topic, another random port is opened
for JMS message delivery. Another socket connection is established
between JMS client host and weblogic server host.

I would like to fix the port that has to be used by the JMS client for
performing a lookup and message delivery. Is this possible? If yes,
what is the procedure for specifying the port to be used by the JMS