CSQL Enterprise, a main memory database caching platform which
improves application throughput by 30 times for data access, thereby
scaling applications to handle more load with no additional hardware

CSQL satisfies key mission critical database requirements such as
predictive response time, high availability, load balancing, high
concurrency, distributed and small footprint.

Please refer data sheets and white paper at http://www.csqldb.com for
more information on the product.

CSQL reduces TCO by more than 80% with added consulting and support.

It would be useful tool for architects to accommodate scalability and
high throughput for applications. I am exploring opportunities for
CSQL product and would be glad if you could put this forward to your
friends who are looking for performance and scalability in their

Download trial copy at http://www.csqldb.com/download.html
If you need any assistance contact technical@csqldb.com