I am trying to write a BMP entity bean with workshop 10. This is
what i did:

- create a new enterprise application project named testEAR
- create a new weblogic ejb project named testEJBP (added to testEAR)
- create a new package inside of testEJBP named org.cisc.test
- create a new weblogic entity bean named testEJB in the org.cisc.test

My need is to have a BMP so i deleted the following entryes from the
default source code:
- dataSourceName = "cgDataSource" from the @Entity annotation
- tableName = "testEJB" from the @Entity annotation
and added the following to the @Entity annotation:
- persistenceType = Entity.PersistenceType.BMP

Trying to deploying (publishing) the ejb on a weblogic 10 server i
have the following error:

Publishing failed
Error with publish task 'EJBGenProjectTask'.
EJBC: EJB compilation failed.
In EJB testEJB, the local home interface must define the
findByPrimaryKey method.
Error(s) occurred during publish assembly. No modules will be

I tried to add manually such method but nothing changed. What could be
the problem?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards