Any body knows how to configure JMS System Modules (which got introduced in WL ver. 9) and other JMS MBeans such as JMS Destinations and ConnectionFactories under the newly created JMS Module, using ant task for Weblogic 10.3 ?

Also, when I create the ForeignJMSServer and the child MBeans such as Foreign Destinations and ConnectionFactories using ant task, it just creates the ForeignJMSServer and not creating the child MBeans. The problem is with WL 10. In WL 8.1, it works fine.

In Weblogic 8.1, že ant target for this job is as follows.

================================================== =========================

password="weblogic" failonerror="false">

================================================== ===================

This target runs without error in WL 10, but does not create the ForeignJMSConnectionFactory and ForeignJMSDestination.

If some one knows the solution, please give me advice.