During compiling through Weblogic JSP compiler , I am getting
following error on jsp page :

Error: [jspc]: 1 file(s) failed:
Errors encountered while compiling '.' :

Translation of /knowAboutHDReceiver.jsp failed: (line 2):
Could not parse deployment descriptor: java.io.IOException: cannot
resolve 'bean' into a valid tag library

when i removed the following code from jsp:
<%@ taglib uri="bean" prefix="bean-el" %>
<%@ taglib uri="html" prefix="html-el" %>
<%@ taglib uri="logic" prefix="logic-el" %>
<%@ taglib uri="c" prefix="c" %>
<%@ taglib uri="tiles" prefix="tiles"%>
it's working fine.

please give me the solution by which Weblogic JSP compiler can resolve
these tag library syntax.