I have a strange symptom related to BEA/Java, and wanted to post a
here to see if anyone has seen something similar.

Multi-tier app, using Documentum repository serving up an app
developed on a BEA weblogic platform several years ago, before I
started with the company. The app runs in a browser window brought up
in Citrix using a batch file to launch IE to the URL of the document
respository page.

All functionality is working normally except one. A link contains
javascript code to launch Acrobat in a seamless window. This doesn't
work for new users on the system.
If I can log into an RDP desktop as the user and bring up the Java
plug-in console and view the cache (Start, Control Panel, Java Plug-
In, then click Cache on the console) no files are shown in the cache.
But if I click clear, then the javascript code begins working for that
user, launching Acrobat as it should.

The specific question is, does anyone here have a clue why clearing
the JAR cache makes the app start working even though there is nothing
in the cache (it's a newly created user profile).

This is an old app using 1.3.1_06 or J2re1.4.1 java versions. The
business users are too cheap to upgrade the app.

I'm stabbing in the dark here - thanks for your patience with what may
well be an off-topic question. Just thought I'd ask and see if this
rings a bell with anyone. With all the variables involved (Old JRE,
bea, citrix, custom code, etc.) it's probably a 'feature' in the
custom code, but of course the developers have been gone for years.

Thanks for any insight, and thanks for patience even if there's no
Rob in Memphis