Hello Everyone,

We have a senior opportunity open with a blue-chip client of ours in
the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Our client is looking for
someone with a solutions-oriented eye towards leveraging the latest
and greatest functionality of the Weblogic platform to join their
innovative, global team. They are in the infancy stages with Weblogic
at the moment so whoever they bring on will have a lot of say in
architectural decisions. Would like to see specific experience with
the latest Weblogic tools such as: AquaLogic, Enterprise Service
Buffs, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Weblogic versions 9.x/
10.x. This is more of a visionary strategic role vs. a maintenance/
tactical role. Need immediate, high priority.

For more information and to apply, please contact me at:

Megan Metz | mmetz@missionstaff.com | (215) 545-1600