I have been reading the documenattion on the way weblogic has its Flow
Control setup. However I still have a few doubts. It would be great
if some one can help.

Background: I have a J2EE application deployed on the weblogic server
(8.1 sp5) which connects as a Consumer to a Topic. On the other side I
have a plain java application that acts as a producer and sends lots
of small messages (about 300 bytes) out to the topic using
MessageProducer.send() method.

I would like to restrict the flow from this producer so that it waits
if the consumers are unable to collect all messages from the topic.
When I enable flow control, I can see log entries in my weblogic
application that shows that it has beocme armed but it clears off the
same second. However, I don't see any exceptions being raised at the
producer side. How can I ensure that the producer is waiting x ms to
send further messages across. I can't see anything at the producer
side that would lead me to believe that the flow control is working. I
also checked the properties for each of teh Session, Connection and
COnnectionFactory attributes but could not come across any way where I
could see that the producer knows about the quotas being implemented
on the queue.

Can someone throw some light?