Hi. I'm trying to deploy an application that includes several
components. Some components will be located on an app server, and
others on a separate web server, both running WL 8.1 as follows:

1) DAO Layer, packaged in a jar file LAIDataAccess.jar. Needs access
to lai_dao_config.xml and lai_log4j.properties.
2) Business Layer, contains an EJB and supporting classes, includes
LAIDataAccess.jar as a library, and packaged as em_LAISearch.jar .
Needs access to lai_search_config.xml and lai_log4j.properties. To be
located on app server.
3) Web Module, contains jsp's and servlets, includes
LAISearchClient.jar as a library, gets packaged as wm_LAI.war. Needs
access to lai_search_config.xml. To be located on web server.

I have an instance of WebLogic installed on my development machine.
When I deploy to that instance (all on one machine), everything works
great, as long as I have all the resource and property files in the
root directory of my hard drive. However, when I deploy the web
module to a separate web server, it can not see the
lai_search_config.xml file, nor can it see the app server.

Each of the above-mentioned resources are currently being accessed
using FileInputStream. For example:

FileInputStream boInputStream = new FileInputStream("/

What's the most appropriate way to set this whole thing up? Should I
not be using FileInputStream?

I'm an experienced web developer and a fairly experienced java
developer, but I've never developed a web app using java or weblogic,
so this whole environment is a mystery to me. Any help would be
greatly appreciated, as I'm under a deadline. (What else is new?)