I am using weblogic9.1. I trying to hot deploy JSP code on the fly
rather than having to redeploy the EAR and restart the server. However
I have not been able to do this so far.

This is what all i have done and tried so far:
1. My ear and war are in exploded form.
2. Ensured that the server starts in development mode as opposed to
production mode
3. Ensured that jsp-param pageCheckSeconds is set to 1
4. Tried deleting all jsp generated java and class files from the
working directory.

But with all this in place the server still does not pick the changes
that i do in the JSP in my exploded war. It continues showing the now
stale JSP.

Can someone please comment on this and help me edit my JSP's without
havin to worry about redeploying and restarting the server ?

Thanks and Regards