I currently have an html form with which I gather the same information
for 5 items, and then post all the data for processing to a jsp file. I
would like to make a form (using jsp or php) that allows the user to
choose how many items they would like to compare (1 through 5) , and
then have the form change to list the appropriate set(s) of form entry
fields, with each field's variable appropriately named uniquely (e.g.
at present I have Color1, Color2, Color3, Color4, Color5 all as
variables submitted via my form, I would like this naming convention to

In other words, if the user chooses to only compare 3 items, I would
like for only 3 sets of entry fields to be presented, for each of which
the field names would be fieldname1, fieldname2, fieldname3.

To accomodate the java class file I am sending the data to for
processing, I would also like the code to pass zero values for the
fields not chosen. In other words, if only 3 items are chosen, the
values that would have been submitted for items 4 and 5 are submitted
as zeros.

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreicated. A
solutionin either jsp or php would be fine.

Best wishes,

George Hadley