We're trying to diagnose why Weblogic is recompiling our already
compiled JSPs. The Weblogic JSP Precompilation Test Utility (uses
BCEL) says that the compiled JSP modified date is *prior* to the date
of the JSP but when I look at the date of the compiled JSP this doesn't
*appear* to be the case. Does anyone know why this utility says the
compiled JSP modified date is much earlier that it appears to be?

We are examining the compiled JSP modified date by looking at the date
of the file in Winzip when we open the war file. This date is the same
as when we extract the files to the filesystem with Winzip.

The dates are way off. The utility says the date is a couple seconds
prior to the JSP modification time (eg 2003) when in Winzip it
correctly lists that the compiled JSP was just created (eg: Oct 4,

The war file is created using ant. We tried using a new version of ant
to see if that made a difference.. it didn't.

Any help would be great!