Hi Group,

I am in trouble and hope you can help me out of this trouble.
I own a web application that is client-server based, running on
weblogic5.1 and using j2sdk1.4.2 and does not follow MVC
architecture.The application is using jsp, ejb and jdbc and all the
components are deployed in server default directory. My problem is
related to the speed of my application which is very slow. I want to
implement gzip functionality without changing my jsp page, as they are
very lengthy, to make it a bit fast. As you know we can do that by
buffering all my html code in string buffer and then gzipping it before
sending it to the browser but needs a lot of changes in my code that is
very difficult for me. I searched a lot on net and downloaded lots of
readymade compression filters but could not implement that. Please tell
me how can i do that with minimal changes in my jsp code.

Thanks in advance.