Help... I have just been presented with the responsibility of supporting a
JSP application. The person who was handling EVERYTHING has left us (Rest
his soul) and did not leave any documentation.

The first thing I need to do is create a backup server and copy the
application to it.

It is running on a Linux ??? platform at the moment. I am VERY comfortable
working on Windows and have some experience on Linux. I have NO experience
with JSP but believe I am a quick study.

The app seems to be using JavaBeans, MySQL and JSP.

Can someone suggest a resource where I can start?

Should I make the backup server the same OS as the current server?

What config files do I need to copy?

I realize nothing is as easy as it sounds but shouldn't I be able to load a
computer with Linux, Install the Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL, copy the MySQL
database, the WebApp, some config files and viola... We got a backup server?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.