I support a WebLogic application which has numerous JSP's. The
application has "JSP Page Check Secs" set to 1. Not very highly
recommended, I know, but thats not the issue here.

The developers change the JSP's from time to time and I am told to
replace some of the JSP's on the production servers. When I do that, at
times this does not work - that is I see the message in the log file
stating that the new JSP has been re-compiled ; but users complain that
the web page is still displaying the new code. Generally a restart
resolves this issue.

My question is - what is the correct method of "hot-deploying" JSP's ?
Can I simply replace the JSP with the new one (and change the time
stamp), or do I have to delete the ".wlnotdelete" directory too ?

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.