I am new to weblogic and am trying to deploy jsps and servlets. This is my directory structure:
MiniEjbs --> src, build, myapp dirs
src ---->CalculateHOme,Calculate,CalculateBean. java files
build----> src ----> ejb's class files
----> META-INF-----> *.xml (for ejb)
--->class---> accessServlet.class
---> calc_num.jsp
when I deploy the war file using console I get an error
J2EE:160043]Missing deployment descriptor "WEB-INF/web.xml"at "C:\bea\user_projects\domains\AnilRukkuDomain\AnilR ukku\upload\Miniwebapp.war"
I created a new domain AnilRukkuDomain,but all my ejbs and client apps are in C:\MiniEjbs dir.Is this a problem for my deployment? After I deploy would my context root be myapp or do I set that explicitly? My ejbs are deployed without any problem.Will my application run if I create seperate modules and deploy individually?Is it mandatory for me to create an application?
Kindly help me out with this. I appreciate your help.