I use XMLBeans and netui taglib to edit xml files.
Some of the nodes in this xml document are optional.
It results in this exception appearing in my html :
Tag Error
Tag TextBox Errors 1
Expression Error Attribute dataSource Expression {container.item.capacityAgreementIdentification.v}
Message Caught exception when evaluating expression "{container.item.capacityAgreementIdentification.v}" with available binding contexts [actionForm, pageFlow, globalApp, request, session, appication, pageContext, bundle, container, url, pageInput]. Root cause: knex.scripting.javascript.EvaluatorException: The undefined value has no properties.
I think the cause of this message is that the node "capacityAgreementIdentification" isn't present because it is optional.
It's fine that netui tells me about this problem, but i'd prefer that it told it silently, without polluting my output.
I think that it is a matter of exception handling configuration, but I can't find where is this configuration. I found nothing in taglib reference documentation.

Thank you