I have just installed Weblogic 6.1 and am trying to use the examples server.After I start my server, if I want to do something minor like list all EJBs deployed, I get the following error:

>java weblogic.deploy list mypassword

Connecting to localhost, port 7001...
Error getting EJB manager - have you supplied a password?
Error: class javax.naming.CommunicationException [null]

"mypassword" is the same that I supply while starting weblogic server. I'm running the examples server in development mode so all EJBs in examples directory should be deployed. (If I go into web console and look under ejb deployments, I see all the jar files in examples directory and they are marked as deployed. Yet, I can't call any client on them from command line).

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot.