I am evaluating WL 8.1 SP2. We have a web application which I am trying to deploy on Weblogic. So far I could make it work until the following problem:

We have a set of custom JSP tags (grid related) which use PageContext. These tags work fine under Tomcat and ServletExec. However, on Weblogic any attempt to access page context in the doStartTag (maybe in doEndTag as well, but we didn't get that far) stops the execution without any stack trace and prints on the page the following

[ServletException in:/jsp/systemadmin/userDirectory.jsp]
(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/Object ; ) V'


This is the piece of code where it breaks:
public int doStartTag() throws javax.servlet.jsp.JspException {

System.out.println("Sorter.doStartTag begin");

System.out.println("Sorter.doStartTag set pageContext attribute");
pageContext.setAttribute("asdf", "asdf"); // <== It breaks here
System.out.println("Sorter.doStartTag get pageContext attribute");
String asdf = (String)pageContext.getAttribute("asdf");
System.out.println("Sorter.doStartTag asdf=" + asdf);

System.out.println("Sorter.doStartTag end");


And the log shows only:
Sorter.doStartTag begin
Sorter.doStartTag set pageContext attribute

I have already tried to switch the JVM for the server to the one which comes with bea installation and to JRockit. Nothing helped.

Anyone got into this situation? Please help.