I'm having issues with precompiling jsp's on a secondary server that is controlled by the node manager.

My .war contains the precompiled jsp classes in WEB-INF/classes/, and in my weblogic.xml, precompile attribute is set to true.

Our servers are managed by the node manager. The admin server, and the 1st managed server are on one machine, and the 2nd managed server is on a remote machine.

The problem is that the jsp's are re-compiled on the SECOND server - when that server is started with the node manager. The jsp's are nor recompiled on the first server in this scenario.

More preamble:
These servers are identical with respect to their startup scripts, initialization parameters, etc. The only difference is that the first is on the same path as the admin. In the firsts directory, the ear lives in the applications directory (and in the staging dirs when deployed) and on the second server, it does not reside in the applications dir.

Any ideas?