We have a web app that currently runs on WLS 7. We have been asked to upgrade the app to WLS 8.1 recently. Most of the screen have ported fine, but there are a couple of screens that seem to be throwing fits. It could be a JDK/JRE issue, but here is the scenario

jstl looks up a string variable property which is set to either "Y" or "N". Using WLS 7, it comes back as either "Y" or "N". But when I run the same code with WLS81, it comes back as "true" or "false".

Looking at the property right before it returns always shows the correct value. When I look into the parameters and values, they seem to match the above statements as well (Y,N,true,false).

Here is an interesting twist though. If I switch the JDK to 1.4 on WLS7, it also changes to "true" and "false". I have tried both sun and jrockit jvms to no avail.

Has anyone seen this behavior?