I'm experimenting with the WebLogic classloader structure feature that
allows customizing the heirarchy of classloaders in an EAR file. In
particular, I'm interested in making a set of web applications children of a
"base" web application to allow for customization of web-app behaviors and
actions in an ASP environment without resorting to cloning and editting a
template webapp. (Details are a bit complex, involves filters and selective
forwarding across the webapps..)

Everything is working fine with the feature EXCEPT that jspc, when invoked
at runtime in the child webapp, does not seem to honor the parent-child
classloader relationship between the child and parent webapp and cannot
resolve any "parent" classes appearing in the child JSP pages. There seems
to be no way to override the classpath used by jspc when invoked within the
web application, either.

Pre-compiling the child JSP pages before packaging in the child war file
works fine, but is kindof a hassle.

Has anyone else used this feature? Am I missing something in the