Hi All
I am working on weblogic 8.1.I am using weblogic struts.I have some problem.
Problem 1:
I have a drop down list.It says that values and the text for it is as follows
Now say user selected Aus whose value is basically 4.now when that guy submitting
the form in the drop down the drop down option value is showing in place of text.
i.e now in the drop down it is showing 5 fileds e.g India,Pak,England,Aus and
4 what I seleted basically.But I don't want the value of the option I want its
text to be selected there.
Problem 2:
I have a form which I am using for creation and updation.I want to give some defaultValue
to a perticular textBox.I tested I can put some default value say
I want to put "sougata" then if I use
its working fine.
but if I use
String fname="sougata";
its an error.

Pls help me on this matter