We have an weblogic 7.0 SP0 application running on solaris 7. As part of it startup
in precompiles jsps - sometimes at different points weblogic crashes

when we don't precompile the jsp's we never get this problem

has any body seem it got a work around

the message is

Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xfe15b1c8
Function name=JVM_IsInterface

Current Java thread:

Dynamic libraries:
0x10000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/bin/../bin/sparc/native_threads/java
0xff360000 /usr/lib/libthread.so.1
0xff3a0000 /usr/lib/libdl.so.1
0xff280000 /usr/lib/libc.so.1
0xff270000 /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-4/lib/libc_psr.so.1
0xfe000000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/server/libjvm.so
0xff210000 /usr/lib/libCrun.so.1
0xff1f0000 /usr/lib/libsocket.so.1
0xff100000 /usr/lib/libnsl.so.1
0xff1c0000 /usr/lib/libm.so.1
0xff240000 /usr/lib/libw.so.1
0xff0e0000 /usr/lib/libmp.so.2
0xff0a0000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/native_threads/libhpi.so
0xff070000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/libverify.so
0xff030000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/libjava.so
0xfe7d0000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/libzip.so
0xfe650000 /usr/lib/nss_files.so.1
0xfe540000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/libnet.so
0xfdee0000 /usr/lib/nss_nis.so.1
0xfdec0000 /apps/wls70/weblogic/server/lib/solaris/libmuxer.so
0xfdd50000 /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_03/jre/lib/sparc/libioser12.so

Local Time = Thu Sep 4 17:40:55 2003
Elapsed Time = 288
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
# Error ID : 4F530E43505002BD 01
# Please report this error at
# http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.3.1_03-b03 mixed mode)

Many thanks
Malcolm Bridgeford