I'm experiencing problems when compiling JSPs that reference TLDs in a
..JAR file located in the WEB-INF/lib directory of the WAR.

The error message(s) I am receiving from the JSPC is:
[java] weblogic.jspc version WebLogic Server 7.0 SP2 Sun Jan 26
23:09:32 PST 2003 234192
[java] [jspc] looking for taglib uri struts-bean.tld as resource
/WEB-INF/struts-bean.tld in Web Application root:
[java] [jspc] looking for taglib uri struts-bean.tld as resource
struts-bean.tld in Web Application root:
[java] [jspc] ERROR: Could not load taglib from jar file
X:\code_vob\project\antbuild\..\..\..\code_vob\pro ject\src\web\WEB-INF\lib\struts.jar:
this jarfile has no META-INF/taglib.tld entry (JSP 1.1 spec, 5.2.1)

The error message refers to the JSP 1.1 specification - but this
particular part of the JSP Specification was modified by the JSP 1.2

Does Weblogic 7.0 sp2 support the JSP 1.2 Specification?