We have an application in WLS 6.1. We are trying to migrate to 7.0.2. Some of
the JSPs working in the 6.1 are failing to compile in wls 7.0.2. Here is the issue:
Consider the following scriptlet in a jsp:


eflow is our tag lib reference name.
We get the following error when WLS 7.0.2 compiles the jsp:

259. _eflow_button0.setOnClick("if(confirm("Are you sure
you want to reject this TIF?")) { this.form.target="_self"; this.form.tifstatus.value=""
+ WebTifConstants.TIF_STATUS_RE + ""; this.form.target=""; this.form.action.value=""
+ controller.getDefaultAction(view) + ""; this.form.targetpage.value="wdialTIFWizard.jsp";
this.form.submit(); }"); //[ /wdialTIFWizard.jsp; Line: 135]
*** Syntax Error: ")" inserted to complete MethodInvocation

Clearly, the qoutes (") we tried to escape by specifying ' \" ' is not working.

Has anyone encountered this problem yet?

We will appreciate any help on this issue.