I am running WebLogic 7.0 using JDK 1.3.1_07 on Window 2000. I have a
JSP page that is running slowly. I put a servlet filter around the
JSP to record processing time and got some strange results.

I pointed my browser to the JSP and pressed F5 (refresh) 20 times. My
servlet filter recorded an average processing time of 767ms and a
standard deviation in processing time of 13ms.

I wrote a little poller program using the URL, URLConnection and
InputStream classes. This program fully reads a file from a URL in a
loop. I wrote the program to wait for 1000ms between reads and used
it to read the URL associated with my JSP. I recorded an average from
my filter of 680ms and a standard deviation of 206ms. Most of the
timing were around 750ms with a few around 80ms.

I change the poller to continually read without waiting. Now the
average time from my filter timer is 154ms with a standard deviation
of 256ms. Now most of the timings are around 50ms with a handful
around 750ms.

I do not see the same behavior from Tomcat running on the same
machine. Tomcat gives me timings averaging 120ms with a stdev around
30ms in either case.

Anybody got any idea what is going on?