Thanks for the time.

I have a JSP that renders HTML. The user enters all kinds of text,
checkbox are checked and radio buttons and list selections.

I do not want to post this to a server and comb thru each field at a

I want to take a short cut.

I want to capture the state of this HTML page (text, checkboxes,
selections and radiobuttons) and store it in my database as a HTML
document that was coded as such. It would be as if I coded it to be
selected the way it's state reflects it to be.

Upon retrieving the HTML from the database I want to launch it as a
HTML document so it may reflect those selections that the user had

Is there a easy way to do this ?

Can I capture the source code while retaining the posted state of the
page within the source code ? I would like to be able to do this in
JAVA or JavaScript.

Thanks for any hints.

email appreciated