When I use weblogic.jspc using Ant on Weblogic 7 SP2 (in SP1 also this
was happening) for precompiling jsps, I do not get proper error
messages (if there are compilation errors). A typical error reported

[java] Error: compilation of jsp file
_widget_stock.jsp (java file
C:\cni\deploy\coxApp\coxWebApp\jsp_servlet\_presen t
ation\_jsp\_widget\_admin\__create_widget_stock.ja va failed):
[java] null
[java] Error: [jspc]: 1 file(s) failed:

One another problem is, if a jsp has an include and if there was an
error in the included jsp (actually jspi), the error reported is on
the including jsp.

The ant task I use for this is given below.

Any help would be appreciated.