I have a custom tag which sets variables in the doEndTag() function so that the
Jsp page can use it.

public int doEndTag() {

pageContext.setAttribute("attr_dashboardHierarchyList", _dashboardHierarchyList);
pageContext.setAttribute("attr_distinctDashboardList", _distinctDashboardList);

return EVAL_PAGE;

The code does not work on WebLogic Server 6.1 as the variable intialization get's
done in a try - catch block( checked in the Weblogic generated java file). So
the jsp throw exceptions saying variables "attr_dashboardHierarchyList" and "attr_distinctDashboardList"
are not declared.

The tag and jsp works fine on weblogic 6.0 Service Pack 1 ,The try catch block
is not present in the Weblogic generated java file.

Can any body tell me how can I get ride of the try-catch block or the right thing
to do.