One little gotcha - if you change your custom tag to use TryCatchFinally, make
sure all the JSPs that reference the tag are *recompiled*. Just recompiling the
custom tag won't work. The JSP compiler *won't* generate try-catch-finally code
if the custom tag doesn't require it at the time of compilation.

(and if you're not on WLS 6.1 SP2 +, all bets are off!)


"Dimitri I. Rakitine" wrote:
>You can simply implement javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TryCatchFinally -
>doFinally() will always be called, regardless of exceptions.
>Frank LaRosa wrote:
>> Does JSP guarantee that "doEndTag" will be called in all instances
>> where "doStartTag" is called, regardless of any exceptions? More
>> specifically, can I open a database connection in doStartTag and close
>> it in doEndTag without worry that I might leak a connection under some
>> conditions?

>> Thanks.