Hello everybody,

I dimly remember reading not long ago that WLS must be run from JDK's java
not JRE's for full functionality, but now I can not find that explicitily
stated anywhere.

Platform is WLS 8.1 sp2 on solaris 8, .sh installer (full version with
internal JDK).

On install, the JAVA_HOME in the startup script is set to the WLS's own
internal JDK:


and the java startup command in the script refers to the java in that
internal JDK

${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java ... weblogic.Server

Now I am faced with a troublesome WLS install where the java startup command
has been customized to the java in the JRE within the internal JDK:

${JAVA_HOME}/jre/bin/java ... weblogic.Server

My question is:

will WLS work properly when started from JRE that way? Or shallI expect some
malfunction as a result?



Paola R.