We have some jars we have to (currently) put on the server classpath. When we have a managed server started by Node Manager, we modify the server classpath in the WLS console, under server | configuration | remote start | class path.

So far, when we set this, it overrides all the weblogic classpath stuff. So we have to manually get that and include that in what we paste in here, e.g.,

CLASSPATH=C:\bea\jdk141_05\lib\tools.jar;C:\bea\WE BLOG~1\server\lib\weblogic_sp.jar;C:\bea\WEBLOG~1\ server\lib\weblogic.jar;C:\bea\WEBLOG~1\server\lib \ojdbc14.jar;C:\bea\WEBLOG~1\common\eval\pointbase \lib\pbserver44.jar;C:\bea\WEBLOG~1\common\eval\po intbase\lib\pbclient44.jar;C:\bea\jdk141_05\jre\li b\rt.jar;C:\bea\WEBLOG~1\server\lib\webservices.ja r;NOW OUR STUFF TOO

I've tried including %CLASSPATH% rather than have to add in all the WLS stuff too (Windows box here) and not had any luck. Is there any way not to blow away the WLS-specific classpath entries when using specifying the Remote Start class path?