I'm running wl 6.1 sp4 on hpux 11.11 and need to configure apache 2.0
as the web server. Following the guidelines onlin - I think I should
use mod_wl_20.so, but it doesn't exist in the lib/hpux11.

I have the following in my installation under wlserver6.1
$ find . -name mod_wl_20.so -print

and under wlserver6.1/lib/hpux11, i've the foll:
libmuxer.sl libweblogicunix1.sl oci817_8
libnodemanager.sl libwlenv.sl oci901_8
libproxy.sl mod_wl.so oci920_8
libterminalio.sl mod_wl_ssl.so wlkeytool
libweblogic.a mod_wl_ssl_raven.so

Is it mod_wl.so or somewhere else?

tia, JohnR