Can't uninstall latest JRockit 8.1 SDK from Windows 2000 (polish version, latest
service packs and patches installed).

Error: could not find the main class.

Also can't uninstall it manually by launching:

java -jar "C:\Program Files\bea\utils\uninstall\jrockit81sp2_141_05\lib\ uninstall.jar"

Error: product is not installed.

From "C:\bea\beahomelist":

C:\Program Files\bea

From "C:\Program Files\bea\registry.xml":

JavaVersion="1.4.1_05-8120" JavaVendor="BEA" Architecture="32" Platform="win"
BeaProgramGroup="BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1"/>

From "C:\Program Files\bea\utils\uninstall\jrockit81sp2_141_05\unin stall.xml":

display="BEA WebLogic JRockit 8.1 SP2 SDK (32 bit)" javahome="C:\Program Files\bea\jrockit81sp2_141_05"
name="WebLogic Platform" version="">



Thanks in advance for help,

Norbert Kudelko