Hi all,

Anyone have experience with the following:

Load balancing switch (Alteon, F5, Cisco, etc.) frontending...
2 or more IIS servers which in turn are front-ending...
multiple weblogic JVM's.

For example I have an Alteon WSM layer 7 switch with 2 IIS servers
configured as the load balanced servers (they are delivering static
content only). The IIS servers are configured with iisproxy.dll and
iisforward.dll to forward the incoming requests to one of three JVM's
running on each machine. My problem is that my application requires
persistance. When a user logs in they need to always connect to the
same JVM for that session. I need to carry persistance through the
web switch, IIS and finally to the JVM.

Are there any "tricks" with weblogic or the iisproxy.ini to do this?
(I realize i can do cookie based persistence with the web switch but
I'd rather avoid this as cookies tend to be a pain).

Any insights or help would be appreciated