"Leon Coate" wrote:
>One of the weblogic native startup classes appears to be failing when
>to start a managed server on a remote machine. If the managed server
>is moved
>back to the primary host (running the admin server), the server starts
>a problem.
>The install is a completely vanilla WL Platform 8.1 SP2 with only the
>and Workshop runtime components installed. The domain has been created
>from the
>default Weblogic Integration template, and the configuration is:
>admin server
>cluster with 2 managed servers - each server on a separate machine.
>The error reported is: (full detail in the attatched log)
>The method updateDeployments with signature [] was invoked with parameters
>weblogic.management.AbortDeploymentException: weblogic.t3.srvr.FatalStartupException:
>Can't start server due to startup class failure WLI Startup Class - with
>the server log from the failed managed server has been attatched. is
>this a problem
>with the JMS deployments for the default Integration template?
>any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
>Leon C.

I managed to identify the problem.
WLI failed to report that it was unable to create the directory:
on the remote host. The intermediate directory $DOMAIN_HOME/wliconfig did not
exist and WLI did not check it's existence before attempting to create the sub
I found it was also essential to start the managed server the first time using
the startManagedServer.sh script while the admin server was running.