Hi All

We have a .WAR file which make use of the
"javax.servlet.context.tempdir" implementation. Here we keep some
configuration entries made by the user and use it at run time. This
works fine with Tomcat, WebSphere 5.x but weblogic 7.0, we face
strange problem. The moment we restart the web application [ not the
weblogic server ] , this temp directory gets deleted ! So the
application lost all the information in the configuration files given
by the user. This is really a horrible problem, and till now I
couldn't find any solution.

The temp directories under Tomcat, Sun ONE Application Server and
WebSphere keep the directory until the web application gets
undeployed. So this problem is specific to weblogic.

I am not sure whether this "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" is not so
used common for this kind of storage or this is a specific issue with
a specific version of weblogic [ I don't know whether this will work
with weblogic 8.1 or not]. So if any of you know the solution or
history of this issue please update.

Thanks in advance.